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This feature allows you to configure automatic email response messages. This is useful, for example, when the recipient is unavailable.

Current autoresponders

To view the autoresponders for a specific domain on your account, select that domain from the Managing menu on the top right side of the Autoresponders interface. A list of that domain’s autoresponders will appear.

To find an autoresponder’s specific email address, enter a keyword in the Search text box and click Go.

Add an autoresponder

To add an autoresponder, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add Autoresponder. A new interface will appear.

  2. Select a character set from the Character Set menu.

      3. Enter the interval, in hours, for the autoresponder to wait between responses to the same email address.

  • For example, an autoresponder with an interval of 24 that receives an email at 8:00 AM on Monday immediately responds to the message. The autoresponder does not respond again if it receives a message from the same email address before 8:00 AM on Tuesday.

        4.  In the Email text box, enter the email address for which to respond.

     5. In the From text box, enter the username to appear in the response.

     6.  In the Subject text box, enter the subject to appear in the response.

     7.  If the response message includes HTML tags, select the HTML checkbox.

     8. In the Body text box, enter the text of the response, for example:

I am out of the office until July 2nd. You can reach me on my cell phone in case of emergencies.

  9. Select a start time. You can choose Immediately or Custom.

   10. Select a stop time later than the given start time. You can choose Never or Custom.

    11. Click Create.

Add an autoresponder in Webmail

You can add an autoresponder for your email account in Webmail. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Webmail interface at, where represents your email address’s domain.

  2. From the email address menu at the top right corner of the interface, select Autoresponders. The Autoresponders interface will appear.

  3. Follow the directions in the add an autoresponder section to add the autoresponder.

All email messages to your email account will receive this autoresponse until you remove it.

Edit an autoresponder

To edit an autoresponder, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the autoresponder that you want to edit in the Current Autoresponders table and click Edit. A new interface will appear.

  2. Edit the autoresponder’s information.

  3. Click Modify.

Remove an autoresponder

To delete an autoresponder, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the autoresponder that you want to delete in the Current Autoresponders table and click Delete. A confirmation message will appear.

  2. Click Delete Autoresponder.

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