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RubyGems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language. It provides a self-contained format in which developers can distribute Ruby programs and libraries.

For more information on RubyGems, read the RubyGems documentation.

Ruby Gem Installer in cPanel version 66 and later

To create a Ruby application in cPanel & WHM version 66 and later, perform the following steps:

  1. Ask your hosting provider to install Ruby on your system via the following EasyApache 4 RPMs:

    • The ea-apache24-mod_env module.

    • The ea-ruby24-ruby-devel module.

  2. Create a Ruby application on your server. For an example of how to do this, read our How to Create Ruby Web Applications documentation.

  3. Use cPanel’s Application Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> Application Manager) to register the application.

Ruby Gem Installer in cPanel version 64 and earlier

This feature allows you to search for, download, and install a Ruby Gem.

To search for and install a Ruby Gem, perform the following steps:

  1. Use one of the following methods to find the desired Ruby Gem:

    • Enter a search term in the available text box and click Go.

    • Click Show Available Ruby Gem(s) to list available Ruby Gems.

  2. The interface displays the following information for all of the displayed Ruby Gems:

    • Module Name — The Ruby Gem’s name.

    • Version — The Ruby Gem’s version number.

    • Description — A description of the Ruby Gem.

    • Actions — The actions that you may perform for that Ruby Gem.

  3. Click Install next to the Ruby Gem that you wish to download and install.

    • To view a Ruby Gem’s documentation, click Show Docs for that Ruby Gem.

    • If you did not find the desired Ruby Gem, enter a new keyword in the Search text box and click Go.

Installed Ruby Gems

The Installed Ruby Gem(s) table lists all of the Ruby Gems that exist on your server.

For each installed Ruby Gem, the table displays the following information:

  • Module Name — The Ruby Gem’s name.

  • Version — The Ruby Gem’s version number.

  • Actions — You can perform the following actions for each Ruby Gem:

    • Update — Update the Ruby Gem.

    • Reinstall — Reinstall the Ruby Gem.

    • Uninstall — Remove the Ruby Gem from your server.

    • Show Docs — Read the Ruby Gem’s documentation.

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