Server Information for cPanel

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The Server Information interface displays information about your account and the server that hosts your account. You can use this interface to determine your server’s version of cPanel & WHM or specifics about Apache or PHP on your account.

Server Information

The Server Information table displays the following information:

  • Hosting Package — The hosting package for your account. The hosting package that your account uses determines the limitations of your account (for example, your email account quota or your monthly bandwidth quota). To change your hosting package, contact your hosting provider.
  • Server Name — The name for the server that hosts your account.
  • cPanel Version — The version of cPanel & WHM that runs on your account’s server. For more information, read our Product Versions and the Release Process documentation.
  • Theme — The cPanel interface’s current theme. You can use the Theme menu in cPanel’s Home interface (cPanel >> Home) to select another theme.
  • Apache Version — Your account’s version of Apache. For more information about Apache on cPanel & WHM servers, read our Introduction to Apache documentation.
  • PHP Version — Your account’s default version of PHP. You can configure PHP for your domains in cPanel’s MultiPHP Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager).
  • MySQL Version — The server’s version of MySQL® or MariaDB database software.
  • PostgreSQL Version — The server’s version of the PostgreSQL® database software.
  • Architecture — The processor architecture for the server that hosts your account.
  • Operating System — The operating system type for the server that hosts your account.
  • Dedicated IP Address — Your account’s dedicated IP address, if one exists.
  • Path to Sendmail — The absolute filepath to the Perl installation for the server that hosts your account.
  • Path to Perl — The Perl version for the server that hosts your account.
  • Perl Version — The Perl version for the server that hosts your account.
  • Kernel Version — The kernel version for the server that hosts your account

Service Information

The Service Information table displays the following status information for each of your server’s services:

  • Service — The service name.
  • Details — Information about the service’s current status on the server.
    • Some services display up if the service is currently operational, and down if the service has encountered problems.
    • Other services display a number, to indicate the current load, or a percentage, to indicate the current percentage of memory that the item uses.
  • Status — An icon that indicates the service’s current status. A green check icon (green check mark status) indicates that the service is operational. Other icons may indicate a problem with the service.

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