Two-Factor Authentication for cPanel

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure that requires two forms of identification. After you enter your password, you must enter a security code. An application on your smartphone supplies this code. Without your smartphone, you cannot log in.

To use this feature, your hosting provider must enable it for you. Ask them to perform the following steps in WHM:

  1. Set the Two-Factor Authentication Security Policy toggle to On in WHM’s Two-Factor Authentication interface (WHM >> Home >> Security Center >> Two-Factor Authentication).
  2. Grant the Two-Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) feature to the desired users in WHM’s Feature Manager interface (WHM >> Home >>Packages >> Feature Manager).

Configure 2FA

To configure 2FA, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Link your cPanel account and your 2FA app:
    • To automatically create the link, scan the displayed QR code with your app.
    • To manually create the link, enter the provided Account and Key information in your app.
  3. Within your 2FA app, retrieve the six-digit security code

      4.  Enter the six-digit security code in the Security Code text box.


       5.  Click Configure Two-Factor Authentication.


Remove 2FA

To remove 2FA, click Remove Two-Factor Authentication.

Reconfigure 2FA

To reconfigure 2FA, click Reconfigure. Follow the steps above to configure two-factor authentication.

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