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This interface displays detailed information about recent visits to your website. This information helps you to learn about your audience and monitor frequent visitors so that you can adjust your website content to fit their needs. It also helps you locate and fix errors, such as missing pages or broken links.

View latest visitor details

To view your latest visitor details, click the magnifying glass icon for that domain.

By default, the interface displays the following information:

  • IP — The visitors’ IP address.

  • URL — The specific URL that the visitor accessed.

  • Time — The time when the visitor accessed your website.

  • Size (bytes) — The amount of data that the server sent to the visitor for this resource.

  • Referring URL — The web address from which the visitor navigated to the resource.

  • User Agent — The browser that the visitor used to access your website.

Additional data

Click the gear icon to choose to display the following additional data:

  • Status — The HTTP code indicates whether the resource loaded successfully or resulted in an error.

  • Method — The request-response between the client and server (for example, GET or POST).

  • Protocol — The version of HTTP that the server used to serve the resource to the visitor (for example, 1.1).

To search for additional records, enter your search criteria in the Search text box.

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