Day: October 1, 2020

Optimize Website

Overview This interface allows you to configure your server to automatically compress specified types of content when visitors access that content. Note Your system administrator must enable the mod_deflate Apache module for this interface to appear in cPanel. × Dismiss alert Manage compression To disable compression of your website’s content, perform the following steps: Select Disabled. Click Update Settings. To compress …

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Application Manager

Overview This interface allows you to deploy applications with the Phusion Passenger® application server. A Phusion Passenger server functions as a process manager, reverse proxy, and provides operations tools to its users. This interface works on servers that run Apache and Nginx. Note Your hosting provider must select the Application Manager feature in WHM’s Feature Manager interface and install the ea-ruby24-mod_passenger Apache module.If needed, your …

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Track Delivery

Overview This interface displays a report about email message deliveries from your account. You can also use this interface to trace an email’s delivery route. Tracing the route can help you find delivery problems. Search The Recipient Email (optional) text box lets you to filter the Delivery Report table results to a specific email address. To do so, perform …

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