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This interface allows you to configure how the system routes a domain’s incoming mail. For example, you can use this interface to configure the server as a backup mail exchanger, which will hold a domain’s mail until the primary mail exchanger is available.

Configure Email Routing

To configure how your server routes mail for a domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the desired domain from the menu. If only one domain exists on your cPanel account, the system selects it automatically.
  2. Select one of the following options under Configure Email Routing:

    • Automatically Detect Configuration — The system uses the following criteria to configure the email routing settings:
    • Local Mail Exchanger — The lowest numbered mail exchanger points to an IP address on this server.
    • Backup Mail Exchanger — The lowest numbered mail exchanger points to an IP address not on this server.
    • Remote Mail Exchanger — No mail exchangers point to an IP address on this server.

  • Local Mail Exchanger — The server always accepts mail for this domain. The system will deliver mail to the local mailbox.

Backup Mail Exchanger — The server functions as a backup mail exchanger. The system will hold mail for this domain until a lower number mail exchanger becomes available.

  • Remote Mail Exchanger — The server will not accept mail for this domain. The system sends all mail for this domain to the lowest numbered mail exchanger.

  3. Click Change.

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